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General operation of the pump

General operation of the pump

          (1) The operating personnel must be familiar with the characteristics, parameters and status of the running pump, and be proficient in operation..
          (2) The operating point of the pump should be adjusted so as to make the pump work in the efficient area
          (3) During operation, the effective NPSH at the pump inlet should be greater than the required NPSH specified by the pump, or the inlet water level should not fall below the stipulated minimum water level.
          (4) Under the condition that the pump outlet valve is closed, the continuous working time of the centrifugal pump and the mixed-flow pump should not exceed 3 minutes, and the motor power exceeding 110 kW should not exceed 5 minutes.
          (5) The vibration of the pump shall not exceed the national standard "vibration measurement and evaluation method of the pump") (JB/T 8097-1999)
          (6) The temperature rise of the pump bearing shall not exceed 35°C, the limit temperature of the ball or roller bearing shall not exceed 75°C, and the temperature of the sliding bearing shall not exceed 70°C;
          (7) There should be water drop out of the pump packing room. It should be 30 to 60 drops per minute.
          (8) The temperature rise of cooling water in the bearing cooling box should not be greater than lo °C, and the inlet water temperature should not exceed 28 °C.

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